Our Curriculum

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  1. Memorisation of Juzz 30 using ICDC's InHouse system which is tried and tested well with  the children (done in a relaxed atmosphere so the child does not feel stressed to learn and therefore can accomplish more on a daily basis) .Qira'a reading done individully and with groups on a daily basis.
  2. Islamic knowledge: Tawheed, Fiqh, Sirah, Hadith and Akhlaq
  3. Academic: Arabic, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and Life Sciences.
  4. School Holiday programme for November and December for Hafazan, Qira'ati and Reading (the dates for this will be given later)
  5. The main language spoken is English.( With the direction going towards Arabic as the children progress.)

ICDC Syllabus

In ICDC, subjects offered are divided into 3 elements, which are:

  • Hafazan -  AlQuran AlKareem, Hadith and Do'as.
  • Islamic Knowledge
  • Academics and Languages

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