Oct 2010
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20 Oct 2010

Established in 2004, the Islamic Child Development Centre (ICDC) is a place that provides early Islamic learning to children. Located at No.45, Jalan Memanda 12, Taman Dato' Razali, Ampang,(and a new second branch now open in Bukit Jelutong) has developed itself into an important Islamic learning institution, with the help of committed teachers and co-operation from parents. The school is registered under JAIS, ( Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor) as an English Medium International Pre- Tahfiz Kindergarten.

Currently, we have 14 dedicated teachers that work together to reach our objectives. The important thing is, we are not just providing the essential Islamic learning in class but also we are guiding the children to have good behaviour in their activities outside of the classroom environment as well.

We, Inshaa Allah, intend to instill in each child, the proper Islamic behaviour from an early age, while they are still at this very precious learning stage of their lives by introducing them to the Quran, Hadith and Daily Do'as and the adab and Alkhlaq that was the beautiful behaviour and  character trait of our beloved Prophet ( may Allah s peace and blessings be upon him and from the understanding of that knowledge from the Rightly Guided Khalifs .

The children are taught to Solat, Athaan and Iqamat daily, and to help them develop a love for the deen and being steadfast, while also providing them with the regular academic curriculum to give them the best start possible as " Little Muslims" growing up in today's world.They learn the etiquette of eating, cleaning up, using the bathroom ( in with du'a and out with du'a) spending time with classmates as well as the correct adab and akhlaq needed by every student even at this young age. They learn to appreciate and more over to recognize the enormous amount of Allahs blessing s given to us every day and how to show our gratefulness.

At ICDC, we want to know your feedback as parents and welcome with open door policy all comments, concerns and advise from parents. We understand in order to help strengthen and instill the strong bond of the children with their creator, they need help from school and from home. Parents are actively involved in the Islamic as well as the academic development of their children. And we as the main body of teachers take our responsibility very seriously with all of the children, in the sense of showing each child the respect they deserve and how they should be showing respect to their families, teachers, friends, relatives and the overall community, be they muslim or not.

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