Oct 2010
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20 Oct 2010

At ICDC, we adhere to the Prophet's (peace be upon him) saying that children are pure at heart (in a "state" of fitrah) since the day they were born. As they grow up, their surroundings provide many things that influence them, be it good or bad. Realising this situation, we are trying to give only positive influences to the children (from the al-Quran and as-Sunnah as-Solihah) so that they will get a good start in growing up as good Muslims, Insya Allah.

We make doa that the children will continuously practice the good values of a Muslim for the their whole life, Insya Allah. We also believe that if we "truly" practice our Islamic values in this life, then other good things will eventually come to us (be it in this world or better yet, in the Hereafter). Insya Allah. Amin.


Our Objectives

  • To lead children towards the Islamic way of life, thus to train them to be a good Muslim/Muslimah
  • To provide them with good values, as well as to show them the correct way, following the values of Islam, to socialise, interact and behave with others– their elders, parents, teachers, friends, etc.
  • To teach them both duniawi and ukhrowi knowledge in order to be a productive person.
  • To help them memorise daily Do'a and Hadith, which pertain to their good behaviour and Memorization, Insha Allah, of Juzz 30 of Al-Quran AlKareem.
  • To be able to read Al-Hadith, Do'as and AlQuran AlKareem with efficiency for their level and ages.

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