ICDC Teachers and Teaching Materials

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ICDC teachers are well experienced in subjects they are teaching. Furthermore, teaching courses are given to ICDC teachers from time to time to improve their teaching skills. Teaching materials that they use in class are fun and enjoyable, so the students are eager to learn in class. ICDC has it's own "inhouse training program" which provides for a more consistent and guided system of teaching. The Quran, Hadith and Do'a memorization system we use at ICDC is easy but efficient. We also provide training to the parents if they would like to help themselves and their children for the memorization part of the curriculum. Anyone who is interested to learn how to teach themselves or their children outside of ICDC to memorize using our system towards the positive is welcome to come by or contact us at any time. We are always willing to help. All ICDC teachers are encouraging and patient with the children to help them overcome the negative things and to learn to go towards the positive in their every day affairs. While helping them to build self confidence, the children are also learning how to love the Quran,Hadith and Do'a as part of their daily lives without the peer pressure.


ICDC provides a constructive study place for children. Each class is equipped with air-conditioners, tables and chairs that are in proportion to the correct size of the children's writing and their height. The number of students are also limited to allow for  an effective learning environment.

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